Leadership Agenda: Obama visits K'nex, Michael Araten

Leadership Agenda: Obama visits K'nex, Michael Araten
We mere plebeians rarely get a visit from the President of the United States at our workplaces, but last year, President Obama came to K'nex Brands LP in Hatfield. He was impressed that the company had decided to bring back its manufacturing from China.
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Chennai grapples with flood aftermath; long queues at ATMs, petrol pumps
CHENNAI: The flood-ravaged city was on Saturday struggling to return to normalcy with partial restoration of telecommunication and train services, besides many roads also becoming fairly motorable even as waterlogging woes continued in several areas.
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Video shows centipede devouring a cockroach alive
Well suited to the Halloween season, the footage, filmed in Corsicana, Texas, shows the stealth like technique the multi-legged creepy crawly uses to overcome its prey. The insect is perched on what appears to be a small rock when the centipede slowly …
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