Make Money Selling Beats

Make Money Selling Beats

Do you make beats at home for fun or to show off to your friends?  Maybe you’ve even made a few beats that you were able to sell, so you know the potential to make money selling beats.  Have you ever wondered if you could make more money selling your beats online?

Can I Get Rich Selling Beats?

I like to play around making beats in my small home studio.  A few years ago I bought a copy of DUBturbo and started teaching myself how to make beats.  I watched countless online tutorials and read plenty of forums.. I spent a lot of time on following the countless tutorials (awesome site by the way).  Eventually I was to the point where people were hitting me up on myspace asking for beats.. and I was able to make a few sales to local producers and MCs for my beats.  But then I started searching around online on ways to promote myself.  I wanted to take things to the next level and make money making beats.  So I bought this guide and sat down and started reading.

What Does This Guide Offer?

I must say that this guide is full of a lot of creative ways to market yourself and sell your beats.  Things I had never even thought of before.  I should mention that the name of the guide is “Make Money by Making Beats”.  It is NOT a tutorial on how to make beats.  This assumes that you already know your way around the ways of creating a beat on your home computer or in your home studio.  So don’t expect it to teach you how to create drum patterns or bass lines.  BUT if you have music to market, this guide can really help get you moving in the right direction. Have I gotten RICH, like it claims?  NO.  Am I #1 on Soundclick?  Haha, not by a long shot.  But I am moving beats and making some extra money that I otherwise would not have known how to.

Mandy has been writing stories and articles from a very young age on any flat surface she could find. She recently got into the hobby of selling beats for money.

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