Mall Stop 3

Mall Stop 3

Okay so it’s freezing outside. Some places it’s snowing others there is rain and of course we see the sun but the warmth seems o so far away. And for those of you who have beaten the cold and are living some place warm and exotic, lucky you. But for those of us aren’t here we are left to fend for ourselves tackle some of these great holiday prices and keep warm.

This is the time where is there are sales and bargains being made and majority of them are good. But this is where are thinking caps come in. The price may be right but the quality may not be exactly what we have been looking for. So two stores are going to be featured in this piece where you can find great wear for the winter and be happy that your wallets won’t have a hefty dent in it.

Being a young adult and shopping in the mall can be overwhelming with all the different styles and even for parents and family members shopping for others at this time. But stores like or similar to Forever 21 just cannot be beaten. You can’t walk into this store and not find what your looking for. Now that the cold season is in you can find more than enough coats. Depending on the location that you go to you’ll find that there are numerous selections. The style that is in right now is the military style coat or the petite coat with the sleek button down look. You want the coat to be warm but also at the same time have a sense of style that can allow you to wear it with anything and everything. We typically go for neutral colors like black or white or a cream color but at forever 21 you can find coats ranging from purples, blues, reds, browns and grays. They’re priced as low as $ 15 so that you can purchase more than one. Even though its good to have that go to jacket you can come here and buy a couple that can be paired off with majority of your outfits and even go with you favorite color and still be warm. Another style and look that you can go for with the military button down look is looking for one that has a hood. Allow there are some that have the hoodie material you want to be able to have the heavy warm coat material as well. You can find coats like these for as low as $ 25 and the hoods are detachable allowing you to wear it at any time. But we don’t want just coats we need mittens, hats and other accessories which brings us to our next go to store.

Love Culture cannot go unloved due to its convenience in not only prices but also in all the things that you can find. Nice warm sweaters are here! Its surprising sometimes to find exactly what you are looking for and not be disappointed when you get home. You can find sweaters that look nice but the material may not look as warm as you think when you put it on. Navy blue sweaters, boots and many more accessories can be found here. You can still find great accessories like silk scarves at and even go to or love to find great offers on accessories for the winter season as well.

As a writer I like to give women of all ages a since of style that they can love forever. I enjoy feeding the interest of readers of all genres. If you have a taste for fashion or good fabric sense you can find a gorgeous collection of handmade painted silk shawls and scarves at or at

~My Delbridge

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