March Hoops Madness

March Hoops Madness

Here we are in the middle of March Madness. I am not sure what is so mad about it, but I guess there are a few things that could create madness this time of year. It seems to me the first event to use the phrase was the NCAA basketball tournament. More accurately, the television network probably came up with the phrase to promote the NCAA tournament. I definitely enjoy the tournament. It is one of the highlights of the sporting year for me. I like it because it is college sports. Professional sports have become too much about money and that kind of turns me off. I still watch them some but I enjoy college basketball more. Not that it has not come to be a lot about money also. Just look at how many players do not finish their college careers before moving on to the pros.

Another thing I like about the NCAA basketball tournament is watching an underdog (lower ranked) team beat a highly seeded team. The upsets can make it more exciting unless it is your team that is getting beat. Even if the Cinderella teams do not make it to the Final Four, there are still a few games where you are wondering how they will do and it adds to the excitement of the tournament.

I also enjoy this tournament because a team has to win more than one game (four to be exact) to make it to the championship game. There are many chances for upsets along the way but the truly good teams consistently win and by the time they get to the championship game they have really earned the right to be there.

Having a wide field of teams to start out with also makes the tournament very interesting. There truly are teams from all over the country and virtually every area of the country so fan interest is wide. Whether it is your alma mater, the team across town or at least the team from your home state, almost everyone can find a team they can root for in this tournament.

Finally, I enjoy picking my winners on the bracket sheet and competing with my son to see who will pick the most winners or maybe at least the ultimate champion. It just adds to the competition and is a chance to spend more time with each other doing something we both enjoy. It is a lot of fun to sit on the couch watching the games and munching on popcorn hoping our picks win in this season of March Madness.

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