Mason Dixon Poll Updates

Mason Dixon Poll Updates

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Mason Dixon Poll is run by a company called Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. They are an independent legal entity who is trusted to count the votes for Presidential Candidates. You can actually visit their website and access current and historical data for polls back to the year 2000. This company has also been providing Political, Public Policy, Public Opinion Polling and Private Marketing Research for fortune 500 companies and the government for almost 20 years now.

So how does the Mason Dixon Poll looking in the race between Barack Obama and John McCain? Well currently in Virginia this Poll shows Barack Obama up on John McCain 47-44 in the State of Virginia alone. Also in Virginia, among the voters who haven’t decided either way 93 percent are Caucasian and 75 percent of these people live outside of Northern Virginia. Our research indicates that a vast majority of these people who are still undecided will probably not be voting at all.

Sure the Mason Dixon Poll does have a chance to shift in the direction of John McCain, if a lot of these people all of a sudden feel a civic responsibility to do something for their country, and get to the polls on election day. This makes me wonder if struggling and middle class citizens in this country even think their vote will count, or if it’s an underlying self confidence issue why these people aren’t voting.

Or are they just too lazy to vote. Well with only 48 hours until election time, the polls are very close. You can arguably say these men are tied with a 2 point spread and a 4 point margin of error allowed. The Mason Dixon Poll Nationwide results only has Barack Obama leading John McCain by 2 points. It’s up to both of them now to see who can win the hearts and minds of the Florida citizens. This is a very close race indeed, it will be interesting to find out who wins next week.

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