Middle Class Tax Cuts Will Not Help the Middle Class

Middle Class Tax Cuts Will Not Help the Middle Class
Governments can only spend to the extent that they extract resources from the real economy first, at which point debt amounts to an accounting abstraction. A focus on debt misses the real barrier to … revenue shortfalls for the U.S. Treasury. So …
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Birth of the female Bollywood superstar
MUMBAI (CNN) — Charu Khurana was, until recently, operating in an illegal, dark part of Bollywood. As a female make-up artist in India, just working meant she was breaking the law. In 2014, she finally managed to get a nearly six decade-old defacto …
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The Clan review
A placid-seeming, ordinary family man who runs his own delicatessen in 80s Argentina, Arquimedes (Guillermo Francella) also has a far darker second job – that of a kidnapper who keeps wealthy victims in his basement and demands huge ransoms from their …
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