Midnight Hours in Sydney

Midnight Hours in Sydney

Sydney is known as a vibrant, bustling and busy world city for residents and visitors in its witching hours during the day. It is said that it’s a city that never sleeps because beside resting in Sydney accommodation, many night time activities and attractions help you entertain. This article will show you the way to pass those night time hours there.


  • Drinking. Of course, the obvious answer is to hit the town for a good night out! Sydney’s nightlife is world renowned for a reason. Whatever your taste or preference, there’s a scene to suit everyone, whether that be cheap and cheerful pubs, pumping clubs or relaxed wine bars.


  • Late night eating. Once you’ve had a night out on the town, who doesn’t feel like a midnight snack to tide them over? Luckily, Sydney offers a range of late night eateries that dish out more than the standard service station meat pie or fast food fix. There are a number of Thai, Chinese and Indian restaurants open til the early morning in Sydney, Haymarket and Chinatown, and it’s a great place to experience Sydney’s multicultural dining scene and enjoy great food.


  • Overnight fun. There’s more to Sydney’s night scene then drinking and eating, and a great way to experience the later hours is to really make a night of it. What’s on offer? Overnight camping on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour, the ‘Roar and Snore’ at Taronga Zoo or even your very own night at the museum with the Australian Museum’s ‘Dinosaur Sleepover’. These options are an especially popular choice with families and children.


  • Sydney Observatory visit and ghost tours. Experience the splendour of the southern stars from the Sydney Observatory, which offers night time tours and telescopic viewing. Or, venture into the spooky shadows of Sydney’s convict past with ghost tours of the Rocks.


Sydney’s splendour can be experienced and enjoyed in the night time hours as well as the daylight. Of course, for those visiting, somewhere to rest your head is still essential, and there is a variety of accommodation in Sydney to suit all visitors’ needs – but with so many amazing night time activities on offer, you won’t be spending too long in your room!


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