Mixed signals from the US

Mixed signals from the US
These skewed opinions favouring India in effect advocate, not really first time sale of F-16, at full price to scoop the economy of Pakistan and with an added determination to trigger a debate within the country and elsewhere against 'over budgeted …
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Drive launched to promote IT industry of Pakistan in Japan
The Ambassador shared that Pakistan's economy was primarily an agrarian one. However, there was no dearth of manpower and labor costs are very economical when compared with other developed and developing countries, leading our economy to transit …
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Meet the MMA Fighter Who's Using the Sport to Heal a Deeply Troubled Pakistan
With 60% of Pakistan's population living under $ 2 a day, poverty is a huge obstacle to education and fosters the extremism that fuels the country's sectarian insurgency — devastating conflicts that have cost the Pakistani economy some $ 68 billion …
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