Music Review: A Cuban troubadour thrills the world stage

Music Review: A Cuban troubadour thrills the world stage
One of the more heart-warming musical sensations of the late 1990s was the emergence of Cuba's Buena Vista Social Club package. String wizard Ry Cooder brought the group of obscure musicians and singers to the attention of the free world through …
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Cal State East Bay wants to help put music back in public schools
HAYWARD, Calif. (KTVU) – Despite the resurgence of bringing back music programs in K-12 Bay Area schools and across the state, California Music Educators Association says there's a shortage of music teachers. At Cal State East Bay (CSUEB) in Hayward, …
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Seattle music business booms while musicians get short changed
"We were astonished to find out how big of an impact musicians and the music business has on the Seattle economy," Snell said. The study found the music industry generates more than 16,000 jobs – $ 1.8 billion in direct spending. But the people actually …

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