Net Neutrality: The Battle In India

Net Neutrality: The Battle In India
Nikhil Pahwa, Editor and Publisher at MediaNama, as well as the leader of the Indian citizens' movement to save net neutrality, appealed to an idea we all hold dear: the freedom to peruse all corners of the Internet without censure. That includes …
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India Says 'No' To Zuckerberg, Strikes a Blow For Net Neutrality
This week, regulators in New Delhi established a rule prohibiting global telecoms in India from engaging in “differential pricing” – which is how internet gatekeepers like Comcast and Verizon hope to turn the World Wide Web into their own corporate …
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Why Net Neutrality Abroad Is Actually Anti-Colonialism
When Indian regulators effectively banned Facebook's Free Basics this week, a service that provides free access to a limited version of the internet through Facebook itself, they called it a victory for net neutrality. Marc Andreessen, a Facebook board …
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