Nobel Prize in Literature and Disputes about its Controversy

Nobel Prize in Literature and Disputes about its Controversy

The Investment for Prize

It is the fact that on 27 November 1895 Alfred Nobel signed a will in which it was said that all Nobel’s funds should be invested in “safe securities”. In a year he died and consequently his will was a beginning of the Nobel Prize: his money was invested and the annual income was to be distributed every year in the form of prize.

Nobel Prize is one of the most prestigious international grants awarded for prominent scientific researches, revolutionary inventions or large contribution to the culture or development of society. Only separate people but not establishments (except for the peace grant) and only one time can be awarded.

Controversies about Nobel Laureate Selections

Nobel Prize is awarded in many spheres. But in this article we will speak about Nobel Prizes in literature. This Prize is awarded annually as well as other Nobel Prizes. First it was awarded in 1901. It does not matter of what nationality the writer is. The only requirement is to write an ideal and outstanding work in literature. It may sound so simple. But who may guess what Alfred Nobel meant talking about an outstanding literature. The piece of literature which is the masterpiece for me is the sample of disgusting literature for you. Tastes differ. Of course, people who evaluate works of literature use some objective method of choosing the best novel or short story. But where is the borderline between objective and subjective?! Nobody can be sure about the validity of choice. That is why there were a lot of disputes about the laureate selections. Some of great writers were honored by Nobel Prize and some were ignored. The fact is that the absolute majority of the laureates were European. Some people may state that Europe is still the center of the World literature. Or maybe the World is smaller than we got accustomed to think.

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