Nokia Phone Invasion – C7-00

Nokia Phone Invasion – C7-00

If you are tired seeing your old phone all over again, try to add a little spice. For example, from Nokia N95 (alphanumeric),to Nokia C3 (qwerty),to Nokia C7-00 (touch). More like life changing. Let’s face it, we are fond of browsing for new released technological stuffs. That’s why Nokia is grateful to introduce to you the stylish smart phone Nokia C7-00 model.

The Nokia C7-00 model is a touch screen model (capacitive touch) with captivating features which are Wi-Fi, 8.0 megapixel camera, with dual led flash (2x digital zoom), video and mp3. It is also compatible with the internet formatted videos and desktop.

It has a screen resolution of 360 x 640 pixels, screen size is 3.5 inches, and weight is 130 grams. It has also a maximum user storage of 350 MB, which has a mass storage memory of 8 GB and an expandable memory card slot up to 32 GB which is Micro SD. It is comfortably fit in your hand and in your pocket.

It is a device suited for social networking, for you can use it to view live feeds from your family and friends. You can also directly upload your photos from your phone itself. It’s on screen is alphanumeric keypad and full keyboard also known as qwerty. it can be used in either portrait or landscape mode. The screen is finger sensitive, tap for clicking, pinch for zooming and flick for turning. Or you can just use the stylus itself.

It is also equipped with GPS so that you can find a way to a selected place.

Nokia C7-00 is much cheaper than the other touch smart phones.

With the latest technology, Nokia C7-00 you can discover, create and share a world of creativity. ┬áIt’s now up to you if you want to follow the latest trend and be satisfied or stay gloomy with what you have.

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