Obama's journey of nostalgia and regret

Obama's journey of nostalgia and regret
But you didn't change any votes.” Wednesday, Obama spoke for almost an hour. The only interruption, other than the applause, was a cellphone that went off in the balcony with a “Godfather” theme ringtone that was loud enough to stop him for a moment.
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Long before the Kick Six, Alabama's Van Tiffin capped an Iron Bowl that
For years the ringtone on the cell phone of one of Finebaum's friends was the call of ABC announcer Keith Jackson as Alabama's special teams hurried onto the field in the moments before The Kick: “And here comes Van Tiffin!” Birmingham sports artist …
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The X-Files Recap: The Monster, the Skeptic and the Speedo
Welcome back for round three of The X-Files. Tonight's episode marks two important milestones: It means we are halfway through the revival, which is horrible, terrible, no-good news for us all. (Luckily, thanks to killer ratings, it's looking like we …
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