One of the Most Haunted Places in PA

One of the Most Haunted Places in PA

The Hand Print in Cell 17, Carbon County Jail

The story of the hand Print in Cell 17 starts in the Carbon County Jail which is known as the Old Jail Museum to this day and is situated in the town of Jim Thorpe in Pennsylvania. Being one of the most haunted places in PA, this article is about a small jail cell which seems to have a very long and painful memory.

Talking of haunted places in PA the Cell number 17 in the Carbon County Jail bears evidence to one man’s innocence, and all that remains is a single hand print on the wall of the cell that stands there no matter what making the Carbon County Jail one of the most haunted places in PA.

On June 21, 1877, The Day of the Rope, 10 men were hanged as they dared to fight the authorities demanding an improved treatment and better working conditions for their people and the fellow workers.

One among those 10 doomed men was Alexander Campbell, a bold and outspoken ringleader. He was the man who had placed his hand on the wall and swore that it would continue to stay there as a testimony to his innocence.

And guess what, it has, it had and it probably will for no one knows how many more years. Its presence has makes the jail one of the most haunted places in PA.

Once, a group of hungry and tired Irish immigrants had come to the state of Pennsylvania in search of a better living away from the Political hardships and the Potato Famine back at home.

They had wrongly judged the Americans and soon got sucked into the vicious drudgery of working in the coalmines in Pennsylvania. Soon numerous young boys and men started getting killed as a result of the untold misery and hardships.

To this day the coal fields of Pennsylvania bear the scars of those desperate days and the humming whispers of the ghostly memories continue to haunt the scenes in the ways lot more than physical burns.

These men were forced to live in tiny houses and lived knowing that all they earned was in owe to the company store. They tried to defend their cause with the Worker’s Benevolent Association which made little progress only to be shut down by the influential railroad industrialists and coal companies who scraped the community with towering fuel costs.

Soon the self respecting Irish organized and formed the “Molly Maguires” deciding to act according to the “The Ancient Order of the Hibernians”. They tried to do all that was possible within their limits to bring about a change.

But soon Franklin B. Gowen on behalf of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad took strict measures and sent a Pinkerton Detective to gain the trust of the Mollies and back stab them. Pinkerton or James McPharlan was more than successful.

He made friends with the Mollies and in barely 3 years gathered adequate evidence to bring down the most significant men in the area. One of these backstabbed men was Alexander Campbell.

The day he was hanged at the Carbon County Jail, one of the most haunted places in PA, Campbell tried to establish his innocence and placed a hand on the wall in Cell Number 17 and swore that it would remain there as a sign of his innocence forever.

But obviously no one gave a heed to his plea, and he was hanged at the special gallows made to hang the 10 Mollies. But the handprint truly stood there and still stands there on the wall till date!

Later sheriffs had tried a number of times to remove the hand print from the wall by cleaning it off, painting over it, bringing down the wall and even rebuilding in its place. No matter what the handprint keeps coming back as if seeping in from eternity. And that is what makes the Cell 17 in the Carbon County Jail one of the most haunted places in PA.

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