Paddy Power Free Bets Ensure Unsurpassed Excellence in Bookmaking

Paddy Power Free Bets Ensure Unsurpassed Excellence in Bookmaking

Ireland’s finest and largest bookmaker, Paddy Power, has been on the forefront of the bookmaking business since its inception in 1988 through the merger of the top three bookies in Ireland.  They have also established their supremacy in online bookmaking not only by presenting a multitude of options and activities for gamers to choose from, but most especially on their innovative offers and bonuses.  These elements of Paddy Power have made them the leading sports betting operator in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Paddy Power is one of the most trusted bookmakers in the world, with approximately 195 licensed betting offices in Ireland and UK, in addition to operating Ireland’s largest telephone betting service.

Paddy Power highlights horse racing and football, but also provides a comprehensive coverage of all the top sports activities as well as a wide market of events all around the world.  In addition to this, Paddy Power also offers an extensive range of non-sporting events and novelty markets that you can bet on.  They have also been known to offer odds on controversial markets or famous events in order to gain media exposure and public interest.  A case in point is the bet on November 2008 that the United States President Barack Obama would not finish his first term.  This subject caused quite a stir and was widely speculated on as the US President’s chances of being assassinated.

But Paddy Power is not content to stop there.  For those who prefer the classic betting strategies, Paddy Power also has online poker, casino, and bingo services.  The options available on Paddy Power are just endless.

Just by looking at their website, you can immediately determine that the company only has their clients’ best interest in mind.  Their colorful page is well-organized and orderly, making navigation through their site very easy and trouble-free.  A whole range of betting opportunities can be seen in a single glance, as well as the most important sporting events and upcoming activities.  They also display relevant information and entertaining facts on various events plus valuable suggestions on betting options. Video blogs, text and audio commentaries, preview on upcoming events, and customizable browser toolbar are also some of the exceptional features that Paddy Power has to offer so that you can make the most out of your betting experience.

The most innovative and unique aspect of the company is its Paddy Power Free Bets.  These free bets can range from as simple as additional betting money on registration, to frequent money back specials for lucky losers.  Paddy Power Free Bets also covers bonuses of as much as 25% to 6 winners, and even a Double Result wherein two winners are declared for a particular race.  Much of their bonuses and specials are in horse racing and greyhound racing but other sporting events also included.  Early payouts and the renowned Paddy’s Price Promise is something that the company is very proud of and that only a handful of bookmakers can offer their loyal customers.  These features of Paddy Power makes the company very unique and unsurpassed in their class.


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