Pamukkale- World’s 8th Wonder

Pamukkale- World’s 8th Wonder

Pamukkale or Cotton Castle is considered as one of the most original destinations in Turkey and the 8th wonder in the world. Pamukkale owns an attractive and spectacular beauty making international tourists impressed. Pamukkale is located on high mountains near the Buyuk Menderes (Meander) River is Denizli, Turkey which is built above the water falls. The impressive travel site was created as the water, full of calcium carbonate, flown down the cliff making it white. Let’s see the world’s 8th wonder named Pamukkale or Cotton Castle.


Pamukkale or Cotton Castle attracts millions of international and Turkish tourists each year


The white Cotton Castle is expanded up to 2,700m to the surrounding moutain


Pamukkale is created from travertine – a kind of deposited sedimentary rocks in hot springs


According to the ancient legend, water in such natural hot spring can treat effectively high blood pressure, heart disease, and so on


There are about 17 hot springs with the heat among 35oC and 100oC


The Pamukkale hot springs flow at a rate of 400 liters per second


Cotton Castle can easily be mistaken as an ice glacier



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