Peter MacKay: Controlling our economic destiny

Peter MacKay: Controlling our economic destiny
What is needed is an immediate and unreserved political commitment to build a trans-Canada pipeline to re-enforce the natural ties that bind our country. A transcontinental pipeline is the safest way to transport oil and a massive make-work project …
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SPLM/A-IO Canada head office statement on humanitarian situation in South Sudan
The SPLM/SPLA Canada Mission also want to clarify the hot debate on social media regarding the congratulatory message sent to the President of Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on his re-election in office by Ugandans voters by our Chairman …
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Apple urges US government to form commission on encryption issues
The idea of setting up a commission – which may be a prelude to a broader legislative solution – is not new, although a political resolution of the data privacy and encryption debate has proven elusive for many years. A digital security commission …
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