Plasma 3D TV Vs. LCD 3D TV

Plasma 3D TV Vs. LCD 3D TV
They are models of high technology and they will be updated day by day replacing the older versions. There also come to television world. People are waiting for the latest technologies. Is it the plasma 3D TV or the LCD 3D TV?

It can’t be doubted that these two television products are being pitted against each other. They are put into a battle. Of course, the credits go to the television technology scrutinizers and the 3D aficionados! But, for the regular television buyer who cares less about the hardcore realities of the kind of technology that exists among televisions, then, you may not be able to tell the difference. In fact, you may simply look at their displays in the same way.


But then again, taking note of the difference in these TV technologies will be very interesting. They actually have different manners of processing and at the same time displaying the content by means of 3D.


How are they set apart from each other?


First is their processing speed. LCD technology has a processing time of between 120Hz up to 240 Hz, the latter being its so called refresh rate. But critics still notice the side-to-side jerky panning and the motion blurs with the LCD TV.


Plasma technology, on the other hand, is known to be more stable and superior in terms of its processing speed. Its speed is measured according to “sub field motion technology” or the “sub field drive” and drives up to about 600 Hz. Such is a very commendable speed, so to speak!


As related to viewing, LCD 3D televisions are unable to fully deliver the High Definition 1080 resolution. It is only able to go up to 800 pixels of resolution at its processing speed of 240 Hz. But, plasma 3D TV effectively delivers the full 1080 resolution to satisfy the viewing eyes. Nevertheless, the issues about LCD TV’s panning and motion blur don’t exist with the plasma 3D television. It promises and delivers nothing but superior 3D technology viewing display.


The plasma 3D TV has also gained the thumbs up rating from several television critics thus saying that between the two, it is worth buying and owning! So, what are you waiting for? Whether or not you are a keen TV aficionado, getting the 3D feel of your favorite shows, movies, sports, and games in your own home is surely incomparable!


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