Popularity High Function All! 6k Within The 42

Popularity High Function All! 6k Within The 42

Not for the high income salary earners friends, for the family to buy a

LCD TV The budget is usually less than 6,000 yuan. Usually 15-20 square meters living room, the actual viewing distance of 2.8-3.5 meters, the most appropriate TV size is 42 inches, as this will not be too small for gas, but also to the reasonable control of expenses.

6,000 yuan less than five 42-inch Full HD LCD TV Shopping guide

Needs of consumers such few, they are generally on the television appearance, quality and functionality such as configuration requirements are not very high, as long as the price deal, and can normally watch the show, just enough. What price can buy this LCD TV? Here we pick out from inside five stores selling LCD TV products and practical recommendations to you friends.

Recommended products: Philips 42PFL5609/93 Price: 5999 yuan Philips 5609 series models listed in May, the series is full HD models of all sizes, positioning of the low end, as last year’s hot 5403’s successor, a listing of most concern on a recent full-HD product, 42-inch 42PFL5609 recent price of 5999 yuan.

Philips 42PFL5609/93 42PFL5609 Philips 2009 is a new series of LCD TV Fixed-hyun, the appearance is still pure black piano lacquer craft of screen borders, but border width slightly narrower than in 5403. Transparent plexiglass outer border is a circle bundle decorative edge, so that body look even more elegant Smart.

Is completely hidden speaker design, can not see from the front fuselage. LOGO in the bottom of the screen area, 5609 were down protruding curve design, this particular contour, memorable, to make television, whether or-block wall seemed so uniquely placed, and this is a lot like the pursuit of individual The young people are most willing to see.

Interface side, 42PFL5609 into the back and left the two regions, providing a total of 3 groups HDMI1.3 interface, after 2 1 side. Compared to last year 5403, new functional configuration of the same, except for an increase of USB interface, you can browse play MPEG1, MPEG4, RM,

MP3 And JPG and other multimedia files.

42PFL5609 LG products using the S-IPS hardware screen, pixels were ”

Image performance, 42PFL5609 restore more natural and vivid colors, red and green are relatively pure and full, black sink effect in the LCD TV which can be considered medium-level, dynamic effects are more general, but for less demanding in terms of friends basically sufficient.

Editor Comments: 42PFL5609 and 5403 compared to the appearance of areas in addition to the details of changes made, and to increase the USB interface, other than, basically there is no obvious upgrade, not a lot of fancy configuration entertainment. Therefore new listing price is set relatively low, more friends to buy a nice salary earners and practical needs of full HD LCD TV, is the relatively high cost of foreign brands in the end models.

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