Powerflush Your Central Heating System

Powerflush Your Central Heating System
Powerflushing your central heating system could be the best money you will ever spend on your home. Because the possibility of having to replace your whole system if scary as hell. Replacing your heating pipework and radiators is going to cost you anything between 4k and 8k.

The money is important but imagine the stress you would feel if you were told that your home would have to ripped apart to replace the whole system!
Do Not Despair!

A powerflush nmight just be the answer to your dreams. Saving you many thousands of pounds.

Here at www.Pritchard-heating.co.uk we have sorted out hundreds of heating systems for many grateful homeowners, doctors, office managers and landlords. And have the references to prove it.

Microbore systems are particularly prone to clogging up because of the very small inner bore of the pipework going to and from the radiators. If thinking about a having a powerflush you must be careful if you have microbore pipework in your home. Through experience, I know when you try to clear out years of rust and sludge through an 8mm microbore pipe you run a high risk of blocking more pipes than you clear. Which is why we have a fairly unique approach to cleaning 8mm pipework.

Another thing to bear in mind when you have a powerflush is the experience of the people doing it. A cheap powerflush person will offer you a ridiculous quote just to get the job. Some will offer a quote as low as 300 to powerflush an 8 radiator house
Which is crazy. The maths just dont add up!
In a really dirty system the right chemicals can cost up to 90.00 plus VAT. After powerflushing all kinds of heating systems for more than 8 years I know that when I book in a powerflush for an 8 rad property it could take up to 10 hours to do the job properly. And I mean, really, thoroughly. cleaned out.
Thats 90 plus VAT.

So that leaves 210 to advertise to find the job, buy or rent a van to get there, spend up to 12 hours doing the job, travel home, type up and send the guarantee certificate.
Any professional powerflusher can not possibly even cover their costs with 200. Cant be done.

Incidentally, if You would like some advice about powerflushing or how to powerflush your heating and hot water system please visit www.pritchard-heating.co.uk.
A powerflush can work wonders for your system. But, make sure you choose the right person of company to do it.

Author: Jeffrey Pritchard


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