Quality of Life After Colon Cancer

Quality of Life After Colon Cancer
Treated successfully, folks can live many productive, happy years

after colon cancer treatment. Many experience various emotions. Ranging

from fear, anxiety, depression and any number of other moods directly

related to dealing with the cancer treatments. It is very important

that the individual care for themselves physically along with caring

for themselves emotionally. Every individual personally deals with

cancer with various coping methods. Some attempt to act strong, almost

invincible, in an attempt to protect their family and loved one. At the

other end of the emotional spectrum, some may turn to their family and

friends for support. Still others may rely upon their faith to give them strength. The main issue facing most is the fear that the cancer will return. Cancer patients can relieve the burden of this worry by

staying informed regarding their health while availing themselves of

available and upcoming treatment programs. Support groups are very

important for post treatment emotional stability. Talking with other

survivors can be especially beneficial in the recovery process. Some

may even avail themselves of an opportunity to see a counselor who can

assist them through this difficult time. The most important fact is

that the colon cancer survivor is free to express their feelings

openly. Optimism is very helpful. Overall well-being is enhanced by an

optimistic attitude rather than focusing on the negative aspects of the

post cancer period. Some cancer survivors tend to direct the blame for

their cancer on something or someone. That tendency to assign blame can

even be directed towards the self. Other colon cancer survivors have

the tendency to surround themselves with self pity. Enormous amounts of

time are spend constantly wondering why this had to happen to

themselves. The fact that must be remembered is that there is really no

blame to assign. Anyone can get cancer and no fault lies wih anyone.

Feelings belong to each of us and can be controlled in turn by each of

us. Being happy and having a good day are to be cherished but if you

feel bad or want to be left alone for the day, there is nothing wrong

with those feeling either. You are in control of your life and

feelings. You may not be in control of whether or not your cancer can

return but you have to make yourself a promise that you will live each

and every day to the fullest. Stay active, learn how to relax and take

care of yourself at all times. You were given a second chance so make

the best of it.

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