Remembering the daring Vincent Margott from 90?s window!

Remembering the daring Vincent Margott from 90?s window!

Those who seen the 80’s and the 90’s closely often seen to express their feelings to wish if the time comes back or they like to relive those moments when the charms of Between Brothers , The Cosby Show , The X-Files, A Different World or Soldier of Fortune, Inc. or the mega series of ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ to ‘Baywatch’,. 

The best television shows of the decade which earned a name in the golden book of television history and we remember some terrifically interesting roles and characters. “SNICK,” “the big orange couch,” “happy happy joy joy,” “the Midnight Society,” “GAK,” “green slime,” “Stick Stickley,” etc. hold a dear place in your heart the best of nickelodeons. 

Vincent Margott who with her excellent skills of understanding languages and dramatic yet compelling acting was widely famous and took the SOF to immense popularity during that time. Although Melinda Clarke is best known for playing Faith Taylor on the daytime drama Days of our Lives, the manipulative and cunning Julie Cooper-Nichol on The O.C. as well as the professional dominatrix Lady Heather on CSI.

People appreciated her even in the super series of solider of fortunes and remember some real great action and acting done by this awesome artist. It makes sense that even now if she is introduced back to the small screen she is still capable to rock the stage and we still can expect some dramatic entertainment.

Melinda is more than just a talented actress though. She is also a trained coloratura soprano, and has performed in a number of musicals as well. She has been married to actor Ernie Mirich since 1997, and is blessed with a daughter born in 2001.

During her time on DAYS, she was credited as Mindy Clarke. Her most recent role is guest-starring as Julie Cooper on the new FOX series. But if we look back in the era of 90’s Vincent Margott as she did total justice to the character still stays on the favorite list of viewers and they may demand her appearance or even the show to be featured again if not they manage to shoot and feature another fresh super series of the solider of fortunes again.

By the way there have been a lot of hit shows in the 90’s which transformed the TV viewing approach of people as mentioned above. But SOF holds a special place in our hearts and all because of this hot, talented actress. But for now going back and reliving those moments one can though go on YouTube or buy DVD’S to fulfill their wish and desire to enjoy those extra ordinary shows and perhaps appreciate them even more than one used to does it before.



Shawn Berry Vincent Margott was a character from the famous 90’s TV show the solider of fortunes which received great appreciation and popularity back in that decade.If you like to have more information on Vincent Margott visit at,,_Inc.


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