Romney and Obama agree: don't let Stein debate

Romney and Obama agree: don't let Stein debate
I (Jill Stein) recently found out that lawyers for Mitt Romney are trying to get our lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) thrown out. Our lawsuit, supported by both Greens and Libertarians, makes the case that the CPD violates …
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How Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidates Talk About Higher Education
Clinton has offered her own ambitious plan to eliminate college debt, but pleaded with voters during the most recent debate in Wisconsin to recognize that Sanders' plans are unrealistic and have no chance of passing in a polarized political climate …
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Campaigns on the Edge
Among the remaining governors, Bush and Christie are pulling out all the stops to win the large independent and still undecided vote in New Hampshire, and Fiorina is holding on tight after being excluded from the most recent Republican debate.
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