Sailors face more lenient body fat rules

Sailors face more lenient body fat rules
The changes are the latest by the military looking to improve its abilities to recruit and retain talented people as it builds up its cyber-warfare strategy and faces competition from a rebounding economy. A 2014 Pentagon study found that roughly two …
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The World Has a Problem: Too Many Young People
But it's the youth bulge that stands to put greater pressure on the global economy, sow political unrest, spur mass migration and have profound consequences for everything from marriage to Internet access to the growth of cities. The parable of our …
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Idaho Springs entrepreneurs mine for opportunity at Argo Mill
"So we just want to bring it back to being the economic engine that it was from being an ignored whiz-by town to this giant economic generator." The Argo Gold …. However, he said the location 30 minutes from Denver makes it a potential "edge community.".
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