Samsung LN46B750 Review

Samsung LN46B750 Review


The Samsung LN46B750 is unequalled by other HDTVs on the market today. This HDTV has a 240 hertz refresh time, a 1080p HD vertical resolution, a 150k to 1 dynamic contrast ratio, and the colors delivered on this flat panel LCD are vibrant, vivid, realistic, and crisp. The embedded HDTV tuner in the Samsung LN46B750 ensures that the consumer gets an amazing picture every time this unrivalled HDTV is utilized.

The LN46B750 has a height of 30 1/5 inches without its included stand and 27 2/3 inches if the consumer chooses to use the stand. The flat panel television is 43 8/9 inches wide, and has a depth of 10 4/5 with the included stand or 3 1/9 inches without the use of the swivel base. The stand weighs 43.4 pounds when the stand is not in use, and it weighs 54.2 pounds when the swivel base is connected to it.

Display Properties:
Aspect Ratio: 16 to 9
Contrast Ratio: 150k to 1
Display Type: Flat panel
Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080
Technology: LCD
Vertical Resolution: 1080p
Widescreen Display: 46 inches
What Is Included?

The Samsung LN46B750 is offered along with a stand for use on a table top or on an entertainment center; the stand is capable of swiveling. This device has a remote that is included with the sale of the HDTV as well as an included user manual. The LN46B750 is not ready for digital cable, does not have an embedded DVR system, and it has no media card slot available. It can be connected to cable options and satellite options with the appropriate set up boxes.

Product Capabilities:

The Samsung LN46B750 is outfitted with an HD antenna which is capable of receiving HD signals sent out from program broadcasters. The tuner than interprets the signals after detection so that they can be presented on the 46 inch widescreen, colorful display. The device can be affixed to a swivel base with a crystal neck for maximum viewing capabilities and when wall mounted, the LN46B750 has 178 degree viewing angles from every direction.

Every picture is further enhanced by the anti glare properties supplied through the integration of an Ultra Clear panel: the consumer can view the television even when lighting is high or intense and not experience a diminishment in image contrast and coloring. The 150k to 1 contrast ratio makes even the smallest pixels super sharp, clear, and crisp, and the intense aspect ratio gives the owner of the Samsung LN46B750 the cinematic feel when viewing television programming, movies, and games. Finally, colors are further improved upon via the Wide Color Enhancer 3™ technologies supplied: this feature ensures that colors are always offered at their brightest and that programming is vivid and realistically presented. The owner of the Samsung LN46B750 can make the LCD-HDTV the center of their entertainment hub; it can be connected to one’s personal computer, and it has a plethora of inputs for digital devices. Four HDMI inputs, composite and component inputs, and an Ethernet connection ensure high connectivity with the use of this extraordinary HDTV.

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