Senate hopeful Harris talks education, economy, bullet train

Senate hopeful Harris talks education, economy, bullet train
Even Bakersfield Republican Ric Llewellyn, a construction engineering technician for a utility company, says he intends to run as a write-in. Harris listeners wanted to know where she stood on privatizing Social Security — she's against — and on …
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Is The Freelance Economy Sustainable?
Even large companies have caught on to the trend. NASA recently partnered with popular to crowdsource engineering designs to be used in space. Popular freelance economy pioneers like ride sharing app, Uber, are enjoying bloated …
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Scandal Emerges as Bolivia President Seeks Fourth Term
Morales presided over Bolivia's biggest economic boom as prices for raw materials soared just as he took office, constructing airports, highways and the pride of La Paz, an Austrian-built aerial tramway system, while putting a Chinese-built satellite …
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