Some thoughts on the eve of my 80th birthday:De Klerk

Some thoughts on the eve of my 80th birthday:De Klerk
The realities were that South Africa's economy was becoming more integrated with each year that passed; that whites would be a diminishing minority in the 86% of the country that they had reserved for themselves; and that the policy was vehemently …
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The euro and the pound are closer than we might think
Regarding potential economic consequences, there seems to be a robust consensus that the governance of the relationship between the countries that use the euro as their currency (the 'euro-ins') and those that do not (the 'euro-outs') is by far the …
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The Third Era of Management and Why Empathy Means More Than Ever
(3) Understanding feelings: this of course means we've spent time feeling our own feelings so that, in the moment, we can put them aside while being guided by what they taught us. (4) Communicate accordingly: based on our “read” of those feelings …
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