Spending Less with WiMax Broadband

Spending Less with WiMax Broadband

Would you like to spend less but enjoy browsing the web without cutting off your connection to the internet? Sure you do. Basically, people connect to the internet through a broadband connection which can be limited to DSL or cable modem at home and T1 or a T3 line in the office; a WiFi access whee you connect to a WiFi router around the hot spots in the neighborhood for you to be able to surf the web; or a dial-up connection when you found broadband expensive or that it is not available at your location. Well, now there is WiMax broadband as introduced by WiMax technology.

You should know that WiFi and WiMax are not the same. They have similarities but their services are totally different. WiFi can only cover a range of about 100 feet less than what WiMax can scale to which is an approximate of a 30-mile radius. For this reason a WiMax tower can link up to a second tower making it able to provide an extended scope of wireless service. The fourth generation (4G) wireless technology, coined as the WiMax broadband, is an efficient and less expensive option than a DSL broadband system. Aside from the fact that is more economical than wired DSL, it is a wireless extensive area network that gives the high speed of DSL as well as covers vast areas for connectivity. Having been on a non-wired internet connection, many people are encouraged to experience this new technology not only as users but also as service providers. It is actually a good idea since WiMax broadband doesn’t require much capital.

The current WiMax broadband offers up to 40 Mbps. It is based from its original version of IEEE 802.16 with particular physical layer operating in the 10 to 66 GHz range that can reach up to a speed of 1Gbps. It is an effective alternative to DSL and cable that allows a speedy delivery of last mile wireless broadband connection.

WiMax broadband system can also be a cost-effective substitute of the GSM and CDMA mobile technologies. Apart from the fast-paced access to the internet, WiMax system also has the capacity to transport high-speed VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) and IPTV package to its clients.

There is much regard to its advantages as it is grounded with the best deals regarding internet use and connectivity. It has the goal of filling in the shortcomings of the 3G technology with regard to data transmission. The data span for WiMax goes up to 75 mega bits per second (Mb/s) and an even more wide-ranging wireless signalling options starting from the 2GHz to 66 GHz.

It is important to know about the benefits since WiMax technology is the newest fad that would soon be available worldwide. The demands of the people for more communication development and innovation will be furthered by this new technology allowing them to experience a high quality internet service.

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