Study: Megaships Not Good For Economies of Scale

Study: Megaships Not Good For Economies of Scale
The study found that the economies of scale – a key feature of the liner industry – may be running out as vessel size increases up to and beyond 18,000 TEU. According to Drewry, bigger ships help carriers reduce voyage costs, but these savings will be …
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Pursuit of rarity trumps economies of scale in wine
MARKETING experts in the fast-moving consumer goods sector battle to understand the wine market and what distinguishes it from beer or soap powder. Accordingly, their advice to the industry association responsible for generic marketing has been to …
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East Malling Research owners NIAB say economies of scale will guarantee success
East Malling Research was in trouble before it revealed it had been taken over last month. Two years ago, the centre for crop studies was saved from a £2.4 million loss thanks to a £2m grant from its charitable backer, the East Malling Trust. It still …
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