Ted Cruz's no-compromise stance on guns

Ted Cruz's no-compromise stance on guns
The Republican candidates will gather Thursday night at CNN's debate in Miami. Last week during the Fox GOP debate in Detroit, Cruz blasted Trump for his earlier support of an assault weapons ban. Cruz told voters that the vacancy on the Supreme Court …
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SULLUM: Warmongers hate Trump
Trump, by contrast, was an early opponent of the Iraq war, although not quite as early as he sometimes claims. “In 2003, 2004, I was totally against going into Iraq,” he said during the Republican presidential debate on December 15. “I called it very …
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'Morning Joe' boots Rick Scott off air
The truncated interview with Scott recalled a December episode in which Scarborough took an impromptu commercial break during a Trump appearance in which the GOP front-runner dodged questions about his proposed ban on Muslims entering the United …
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