The Boomtown Economy

The Boomtown Economy
Portland is one of the 20 fastest growing cities in the U.S. From the third quarter of 2014 to the same period in 2015, Oregon had the greatest gains of any state in economic health, according to an index created by Bloomberg. The locals I spoke with …
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Can anyone else picture George Osborne as a robot car salesman?
In Labour, a few MPs (including Stella Creasy and Yvette Cooper) are talking seriously about the challenges that automation and “sharing economy” companies such as TaskRabbit and Uber will bring to workers. But, as Cooper put it, most “policymakers and …
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Economic theory and reality split; now voters have Trump and Sanders
The underlying problem, which is not limited to the United States, is that most of the benefits of economic growth over the past 40 years have been going to only a small fraction of the population. In other words, productivity growth, long advertised …
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