The Cancer’s Nurse, Oncology Nurse

The Cancer’s Nurse, Oncology Nurse

The Oncology nurse emerged related to the cancer illness which needs the individual heath care. The realization that cancer is a major chronic health problem makes the health workers feel the importance to develop the oncology nursing which focuses to the cancer treatment.

The work environment of these nurses mostly is the hospital or the specialty hospitals. The other time, they will work in the medical offices, ambulatory care, or even in the patient’s home. They work with all ages people since the cancer itself can occur to the people in all ages.

However, there are some nurses who focus their job to the children who suffer from the cancer. Those kinds of nurses may become a pediatric oncology nurses. Meanwhile the other nurses focus their job to the specific cancers or some specific cancer treatments like the transplants of the bone marrow. The field of the oncology nurse you can choose like the chemotherapy-the biotherapy, the breast oncology-hematology/oncology, palliative care, etc.

The nurses have the jobs to take care of the patient suffers from the cancer. They also give the education and also support not only for the patient but also the family’s member. The chemotherapy effect usually occurs to the patient and it is the oncology nurses to manage it.

To become an oncology nurse, you must be a RN or registered nurse. You may choose your education by getting 2 year associate degree or 3 year diploma. But it is even better if you get the BSN degree or Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Not only getting that, you also need to learn the specific cancer care skills. After fulfilling those requirements, you can take the OCN or Oncology Certified Nurse test.

You will need the cancer knowledge beyond the basic nursing program. The oncology nurses also join the professional role development including the continuing education, quality improvement, and also the review of clinical application of research finding.

You can get the nursing degree in the college or the universities. But you can also try nursing degree online, just in case you want the degree through online. To understand more about the cancer illness, you will need to take some additional courses which you can also attend in nursing courses online


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