The CNN YouTube Debate

The CNN YouTube Debate

So since I am addicted to the Internet I read all the hype about the big upcoming online debate. So the day of the big show I decided to log in on my laptop. Have to watch the online debate online right?! It starts up and didn’t take me long to realize this was a format that worked.

I loved the pointedness of the questions that you never get in a typical debate. Direct questions from people directly effected by the topic they are asking a question about. It’s a very powerful thing and it separates the man from the boys (and wherever Hillary fits into that old adage.) It forces the candidates to see a human who is suffering from something or feeling discriminated against in some way. It makes America human again. Some of the candidates still gave canned responses that they give everyday at every event. Others though I thought rose to the challenge and were a little more forthright. This is how I think each performed:

**Disclaimer–These are my opinions, not influencing by any big lobby money or promise of cabinet position. I have also decided to go from left to right in the interest of fairness. I have also used a rating system of 1-5 for your entertainment ratings are on overall performance not how I felt about their particular statements.

Mike Gravel–4–This guy always shoots from the hip so he performed as usual, which is still far more candid than most of the other candidates. Although I don’t see him as a serious candidate in this race I do like to have him around to spice things up. He constantly calls his competiters liars. His signature line is “follow the money” his take on what the other candidates will give you. His theory see who gave them the largest contributions and that should tell you how policy will be set. It’s probably a very good guideline.

Christopher Dodd–1–This is one of the candidates who gave very canned responses. We didnt get to know anything about anything, just random campaign lines. Probably the reason he doesn’t have any money and scores in single digits in polls. BORING!

John Edwards–3–There is just something about him I can’t put my finger on it. He’s southern I am southern that usually goes far with me. Most of the time I think he says all the right things but I just don’t trust him. His answers in the debate last night gave me that same feeling.

Hillary Clinton–3–I had the same problem with Hillary last night that I usually do. I like her, I wouldn’t even be disappointed if she was President but she seems to sit in the middle. I think people should be what they are she is a democrat and should start acting like one. I thought although she was not particularly comfortable it seemed with this format, she still did well I think.

Barack Obama–5–I thought Barack did the best overall he seemed comfortable with the format and answering the average joes questions. And each time asked a question he answered the question. In fact the last question asked each person to say something positive and something negative about the person to the left. He was the only person to fully answer the question with a negative. I think they should be trying more to distinguish themselves from each other. That is kind of the whole point of the debate. Without that it just comes down to who collects the most money. Sorry back to Barack he was definitely my winner of the night.

Bill Richardson–4–I thought Bill did OK. I think he often bring good ideas to the table and last night was no exception. I also thought he seemed very comfortable with the format.

Joe Biden–2–I would say second only to Dodd he was least comfortable with the format. He seemed outdated and even at one point called a video blogger crazy. Seems like he might need some anger management. The guy was a gun nut. I personally don’t like guns and don’t want anything to do with him but it is that guys America same as mine and he is entitled to ask his question and not be called names by a Presidential candidate.

Dennis Kucinich–4–Let me start by saying I really like this guy. He means well I just think he is somewhat naive. I like a lot of his ideas but they seem like a radical jump in most cases and that is not always good either. Kinda like Biden he can’t represent enough of America to be a good President.

So anyway, that’s my opinion. No Hate Speech Please. If you want to post your rating of each candidate do it on my blog at Would love to hear more takes.

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