The Donald to Add One Million New Apprentices

The Donald to Add One Million New Apprentices

It’s getting major focus and still 99.9% of Americans have not heard what’s about to happen. Trump’s Recovery Plan….One Million New Apprentices… is the eye-catching title for Donald’s ad that will be placed in Time and Business Week magazines.

This is history in the making, and may very well be the biggest history-making event in this industry.  “Donald Trump makes everything around him better…” was the quote at the pre-launch in Atlanta by his friend and attorney of 30 years, Jerry Shraeger.  And yes, it is true…Donald Trump has joined partners with the founders of Ideal Health to create his own MLM company.  He is not just endorsing the Trump Network; he has put his money, time, and effort into his first and only MLM Company.  Trump Network is the only company Donald Trump will be endorsing.

Donald Trump is a master at winning, and the success of the Trump Network is inevitable.  Marketers within the Trump Network will have a global icon that will do the selling and promoting.  Six more products are being introduced, the new website is days away from going live, marketers will be paid commissions via the classy new Trump Card, and Trump will be promoting his company on Larry King, Oprah, CNN, and in major news publications.  Marketers will be happy to know that all the leads from Donald’s promotional tour will go back out to the field.

The launch event in Miami on the 13th of November has sold out the main hotel where Trump will be speaking and 3,000 people are already pre-registered.  Several hotels are already booked to capacity for this event, and it looks like The Donald is taking over Miami in November.  You can be sure that there will be lots of news media frenzy.

While there have been plenty of nay-sayers and disbelievers over the last several months, this group is slowly dwindling and the group lining up to join Donald Trump in this history-making event are growing longer every day.

Has the Donald provided the way for average Americans a way to opt out of the recession?  There are several thousands already that believe it is so.

Debbie is one of the first wave of marketers to join forces with Donald Trump in new MLM Company, The Trump Network. She trains and developes new marketers to become “Donald” status business networkers and marketers.

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