The foreign policy of a President Hillary Clinton

The foreign policy of a President Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders, whom she debated Thursday ahead of the New York primary, has tried to paint her as Hillary Hawk by constantly harping on her Senate vote for the Iraq war (while punting on most foreign policy questions.) Clinton has apologized for …
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Bystanders to Genocide
Indeed, when the machetes were raised in Central Africa, the White House official primarily responsible for the shaping of U.S. foreign policy was one of the authors of that 1971 critique: Anthony Lane, President Clinton's first-term national-security …
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Hillary Clinton Has No Regrets About Libya
The intervention didn't go according to plan. But the Democratic front-runner doesn't think withdrawing from the Middle East is the answer. By Kim GhattasKim Ghattas is a BBC correspondent covering international affairs and Hillary Clinton's …
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