The Funzi Keys On Kenya’s Coast

The Funzi Keys On Kenya’s Coast
Funzi Keys really is the Robinson Crusoe experience of beach getaways. It offers tucked away seclusion on a sandy west facing beach, perfect for absorbing each days African sunset. The beach is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, has idyllic dusty powder sands between your toes and is just fifteen minute flight from Mombassa.

Funzi Keys has just nine luxury beach bandanas that are strewn unobtrusively along the beachfront of a quiet little island off of the Kenyan coastline just a fifteen minute flight from Mombasa. The appeal of Funzi Keys is its luxurious seclusion and beautiful natural unspoilt location. Surrounded by warm azure shallow waters stretching out to a typical African sunset, this remote and exclusive beach hideaway is just the place to escape from the outside world.

The nine beach bandanas each enjoy their own influence from the local culture and coastal architecture. Each of the cool airy bandanas are constructed of local stone and thatch and each has its own individual comforts such as large hand carved four posters, Jacuzzis and plush local fabrics. The bandanas each command excellent views and are perfect for the ultimate in relaxation a far cry from busy and buzzing beaches.

Funzi has a huge and comfortable lounge area and peaceful decks looking out onto the calm waters of the Indian Ocean. Funzi’s excellent chefs create lunches and dinners to tempt you from various corners of the globe. Dining can be arranged on cushions on the beach, on a sandbank or at your room. There are no set meal times and no dress code. Funzi, even its dining, focuses on the theme of relaxation and comfort, time passes at your own pace.

If you really want to do nothing in paradise Funzi is for you. You’ll feel quite relaxed just sitting on your veranda, enjoying a drink and watching the sun go down in total privacy, or floating in the pool as Dhows sail past nearby.

If after a day or two of recharging you do feel up something a little more taxing than just absorbing the glorious African sun then you might like to enjoy a spot of sailing, creekfishing, windsurfing, canoeing or a boat trip where Dolphins often play alongside the boat. There are also excellent opportunities in the Pemba Channel for a bit of Scuba diving. If not then just carry on sitting back and enjoy the beach or Funzi Keys pool and watch a few more fishing Dhows sail by.

Funzi Keys offers an exclusive getaway, yet it retains a warmth with its guests. The lodge is family owned and run and it is built with a sympathetic style to its surroundings. There is no dress code at Funzi, no schedule, newspapers, no phone in your room and therefore no interruption to your complete wind down. At Funzi you can come and go when you please and eat when you want to as the chefs will serve you superb food whenever you feel peckish.

Funzi is perfect for divers, honeymooners and romantics alike.

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