The Get Ripped Diet – Essential Facts You Need To Know

The Get Ripped Diet – Essential Facts You Need To Know

Summer is just around the corner. This means trips to the beach with your friends. What do you do if your body is not beach ready? Go on the Internet and learn how to get ripped fast. All it takes is the right exercise and proper diet.

The reason people get fat during the winter months is they junk their exercise routine. In short, they let themselves go and eat whatever they want. They may do some exercises but it is usually never enough. By the time summer rolls, they are left with a gut and no six-pack abs to speak of.
Do you want to eliminate all that stubborn fat? Here is how to get ripped fast with exercise. Incorporate cardio training into your weight lifting work out session. This will really bump up the intensity and lessen the additional cardio exercises you have to do.

This workout combines lower rep and heavy weight exercises. It ensures that you avoid losing muscle mass and strength while eating food from the get ripped diet plan.
There are also higher repetition exercises that are a combination of a super set with cardio based movements. Doing this will help boost your metabolism as well as the overall calories you burn.

Ideally, you should alternate between workout A and workout B. Take one day off in between your workouts for rest and recovery. Regarding the supersets, complete the first superset exercise as indicated in your how to get ripped fast workout. After this, perform the cardio movement for 60 seconds, or however long you can last.
On your way to getting that beach body back, you need to stick to the get ripped diet plan. Remember that eating healthy food is responsible for 80% of your weight loss.

In order to lose a lot of fat in a short time, cut out the carbs or anything with a lot of starch. Potatoes, flour, rice, sugar, and juices are the main culprits to fat gain. Milk and fruit also have sugar in them. You don’t have to cut them out completely. Just limit your daily intake to one or two servings.

What you need to eat are fresh vegetables and lean cuts of meat. Try eating your vegetables raw as well. Doing so will bring a lot of benefits to your body in a short amount of time. Once you achieve your ideal weight, you can start eating carbs again.

There are just two tips to keep in mind if you want to keep the weight off. The first tip is no carbs and sugars for two hours before or after your workout. The second tip is also important – no carbs and sugar four hours before you sleep.

For those on the get ripped diet, the most important meal is the one you take post workout. This is because there is a two-hour window after you work out wherein the body absorbs and uses more macronutrients. During this phase, your muscles will absorb more protein. It is also during this time period when your digestion is weak. Blood concentration on the muscles causes this to happen as you exercise.

To combat this weakness, drink a shake which your body can absorb and digest easily. Make sure that it is high in protein and low on carbs. A good supplement to include in your fruit shake is whey protein powder.


Erika Odtuhan wants to learn How To Get Ripped Fast in time for summer. The writer plans on trying the Get Ripped Diet to help speed up his weight loss.

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