The GOP's Wacky Delegate Rules Are Helping Trump

The GOP's Wacky Delegate Rules Are Helping Trump
But in two weeks, Donald Trump could capture just as many delegates by winning a majority of the vote in New York's heavily Latino, Bronx-based 15th Congressional District, which cast only 5,315 votes for Romney four years ago. Three weeks ago, Trump …
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7 things you need to know about a contested convention
Right now, only Donald Trump meets that standard. But — as Republicans versed in the rules will tell you, the eight-state requirement in Rule 40 is technically temporary. The RNC could vote on a new rule at the convention in 2016 and might again …
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Donald Trump is about to blow up the California primary. Here's how
… could shake up races up and down the ballot. “I think if Donald Trump is on the ballot, all the rules are out the window,” said Bay Area Democratic consultant Katie Merrill. … Here are a few possible twists and turns to keep an eye on in the June …
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