The music of the 80’s

The music of the 80’s

The music of the 80’s

The 80’s music hits produced by artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Annie Lenox, and Wham are forever favourites of all generations. The 80’s was an era of the new wave movement in the UK that originated from punk, rock, and pop music. It integrated different genre including disco, electronic and experimental music. During the 80s, bands experimented with electronic sounds incorporating them into their compositions using electronic elements like digital synthesizers and electronic keyboards. The use of electronic elements gave rise to a wide variety of pop music, and heavy metal music with bands like UB40 and the Police gaining worldwide success. It was during this movement that new romantic music emerged in London nightclubs. Influenced by genres such as disco, rock, R&B and early electronic pop music, this new romantic music wa suitable for dancing.

The start of MTV during the 80’s completely changed the music industry. The launch of the channel and cable video provided a platform for many British bands that were more successful than American artists at that time since British artists mastered the art of using music video thus outselling their American counterparts. Many journalists labelled this era as the “Second British Invasion” due to the hit singles produced by British artists. In 1983 about 30pc of record sales and in April 1984 40 of the top 100 singles were from British artists. While in May 1985 British artists had 8 singles in the top 10.

However in 1987, the trend of music changed from new wave to heavy metal and rock music. Viking metal, thrash metal, death metal, black metal, power metal, and doom metal emerged as subgenres of heavy metal. In Europe power metal resulted from the harshness of death and black metal and a new wave of British heavy metal broke into the music scene with hit albums by many metal artists including Def Leppard.

Perhaps the most popular 80’s music was dance and pop. Till today many of us love the 80’s dance music. Many church events, birthday parties and get together have 80’s dance music themes.

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