The Necessity of The Donald

The Necessity of The Donald
There is no doubt that Trump is one of the more polarizing figures on the American political scene today (apart from the disastrous Obama). Some regard him as a bloviating ignoramus, others consider him a gust of fresh air in the stale and canting fug …
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Kafer: The public debate sideshow
Logical fallacies in politicians' arguments are harder to spot. Keep an eye out for these: • The straw man argument mischaracterizes an opponent's argument so as to easily defeat it. Chelsea Clinton recently criticized Sen. Bernie Sanders for "want[ing …
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Climate change historian Naomi Oreskes rejects consensus on nuclear energy, GMOs
Is Naomi Oreskes, science historian and ardent chronicler of the politics of the science of climate debate, a visionary as her supporters claim? Or, as a growing number of critics … Oreskes makes it clear that she is not 'appealing to authority …
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