The Official Currency of ISIS's Caliphate: the U.S. Dollar

The Official Currency of ISIS's Caliphate: the U.S. Dollar
ISIS may threaten violence against the United States and aim to rid the Islamic world of U.S. influence and U.S.-backed regimes, but if you want to do business in the group's ersatz caliphate, you'd better have money backed by the full faith and credit …
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Atheist seeks removal of 'God' from US currency – again
In placing the motto “In God We Trust” on American currency, the US government has “substantially burdened” atheists and others “to personally bear a religious message that is the antithesis of what they consider to be religious truth,” the lawsuit …
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Rupee strengthens on fresh selling of US currency by banks and exporters
Indian rupee strengthened against dollar in early deals on Thursday on fresh selling of the US currency by banks and exporters. Besides, a higher opening in the domestic equity market also helped the rupee to strengthen against the dollar. Rupee …
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