The Oncology Department

The Oncology Department

Zoom in the hospital.

Did you know that the Oncology Department is such a pitiful sight, even if it’s a private hospital? I don’t mean its yucky —- I mean its like a death row. The patients are geared and seriously fighting their own wars. Most of them go winning with only small bruises. But they’re still lucky because they could find money to pay for treatment, unlike those who just die and rot unattended like rats. The oncologist is so concerned to inject the taxol, carboplatin, and nausea – to give more days, months, and even years adding some life span to cancer patients. The nurses and the staff are serious, too, as if the patients are their own families. This is vocation, service, prayer. If you see people with wigs, bonnets, bandannas and hats, It’s a sign, they’ve been to the war. You wouldn’t mess with them, they would have after-shocks and you would taste their vengeance.

And so the lecture began.

“Do you want another operation to remove other cancer cells hiding under the lymph nodes? We have to cut the mother tumor so it wouldn’t produce new cancer cells…” the doctor said/specialist.

It’s funny. It is like star wars, aliens, and Xmen. Here is mutations, androids, Science. I felt a sting in my stomach as if I were the one who was sick. “Cancer cells travel fast,” says Dr. Cornelio, an oncologist. The cells has to stop growing and spreading that’s why medical practitioners value time and speed. Even patients of age 92 get operated on to live longer, and get successfully healed.

Generally, how are cancer patients treated? There are various ways. Workout procedures are necessary. And of course, a series of doctors and specialists opinions.

Let’s take for example Patient A. Patient A has ovarian cancer that crawled to some body parts. So, the organ that is primarily affected/ with cancer should be treated first. An operation or chemotherapy would be advised. It depends on the type of cancer.

At least, 6 sessions of chemotherapy is necessary. After that, a series of laboratory tests like blood test, Xray, ultrasound, and CT Scan would again be required. In some cases, the tumor becomes smaller. Then after three or four months tests will be repeated to ensure the cells wouldn’t spread.

In treating cancer patients, a psychologist and/or psychiatrist can offer their help in the acceptance of sickness. In most cases, the patient’s decision must be considered as to the treatment he/she prefers.

Saint Peregrine is the patron saint of cancer stricken patients.

Rose Flores Martinez

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