The Satellite “lock” As Lower Charges

The Satellite “lock” As Lower Charges
4, starting this month, ” Chinasat 9 ” Satellite System started to upgrade, some experts say this means “cottage pot” will become scrap metal. However, the reporter interviewed found that a large number of “cottage pot” is a black screen at the same time, the upgrade version of the “second generation pot” has also been listed. (January 18, “Chutian Metropolis Daily”)

So-called “one foot, the law is strong.” Satellite system upgrade in the result, not only fail to weed out “cottage pot”, but an upgrade hygiene, the second generation “pot”; In the face of an upgraded version of ” II pot “, the State SARFT Response, the recent escalation of satellite systems may be because of “cottage pot” With the rising cost of crack, some manufacturers will gradually out of the market.

Perhaps, given the technical and cost aspects of power, in this upgrade, “a battle of wits”, the “cottage pot” will eventually be defeated. But whatever upgrade “battle of wits” who the winner is bound to result in waste of resources to upgrade costs. The cost of these upgrades is difficult to say in the future will not be passed to the end user.

Had a “cottage pot” cost about 100 yuan, and now the second generation “pot” the price has risen to 260 yuan or more, maybe in the future, “three generations of pot”, “four generations of pot,” the price will be higher; With the continuing escalation of satellite systems, Cable television Charge price rise seems to have become increasingly emboldened enough. At present, the author of local cable TV Analog signal charges have been raised from 8 yuan / month increased to 12 yuan / month.

Although the “cottage pot” and the cost of cable television are rising, but compared with the “cottage pot” or much cheaper than cable. Analog cable TV rates currently about 150 yuan each year, digital signal only STB Upfront connection fees would more than 600 yuan, and, a year’s subscription television not less than 300 yuan. If the use of “cottage pot”, then a one-time investment in more than 200 yuan is enough, and can use multiple machines. Although most rural areas now opened a “cable Villages Works “, can not high usage, cable television are largely idle. See, in a market economy,” cottage pot “is obviously more attractive for low-income persons.

Standard cable signal management and fee standards, although necessary, but by upgrading “a battle of wits” is not the best policy. In my view, cable television signals, while its own upgrade, before you rush to raise rates, but should start with the specific national conditions, the interest from low-income groups, so that cable signal to maximize the promotion and development results to benefit the people. In other words, lower standards of what charges, so that people’s ability to use the cable TV signal, which perhaps more than simply upgrade “a battle of wits” effect much better.

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