The Tattooing Process

The Tattooing Process
One of the most ancient forms of body art is tattooing. Tattoos are very popular among people of all age groups and belonging to different regions. There is scarcely a single culture which has not been touched by the art of tattooing. In fact, so ancient is the art of tattooing that the first known tattoo was on an Iceman, named Oetzi and this was approximately 5300 old, in 1991, when it was discovered.


Now we all know that getting tattoos is quite a painful process. In fact, if you have tattoos, then, almost always it involves sticking a needle into your skin. But, if you enlist the services of a suitably talented tattoo artist, then it need not hurt. The technique is to get a tattoo artist to make a pattern so rapidly that the needle does not make too much of an impact.

Tattoos are made by needles and the ink used for making the pattern, is delivered into the skin by the use of a tattoo gun or a tattooing machine. When you want a tattoo, you need to first choose a design. It can be any design of your choice. You can either choose a design which is in the catalogues of the tattoo parlour or artist or even customize your own design for the tattoo artist to work on.

The Process Begins

Once that is decided, what you need to do is sit back, relax and let the tattoo artist go about their business. First, the tattoo artist will draw up a stencil of the image you have chosen. Then, this stencil is placed in contact with the area of your body where you want your tattoo and is then traced onto the skin. Mostly, artists do this freehand, being experts.

Right after this design has been imprinted on your skin, the tattooing begins. You need to choose an area of your body which will ensure that you experience the least pain. The areas to avoid are the wrist, the back of the neck and the ankle. Try going for the back or the biceps. That doesnt hurt as much. Of course, your tattoo artist will try to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible, but one can never be too careful, now can they?

If you have chosen a simple design which utilizes just one colour, then you can expect the entire process to take an hour and a half. But with the increase in complexity of the design and the number of colours used, the time also increases. So how much does a tattoo come for? Most people charge between $ 40-$ 150 per hour, so choose your tattoo design carefully and economically. And do remember to visit a reputed tattoo parlour, you dont want any complications! Enjoy your tattooing experience!

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