The weight of gold would drown the economy

The weight of gold would drown the economy
Queue: The Great Depression. Bank failures during the 1930s spooked the public. They started hoarding gold and thus making the policy of the gold standard unsustainable. Why? Don't worry, another intro-econ lesson should clear that up: because the …
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Video: Recovery Act by the Numbers
One key reason is the Recovery Act of 2009, a historic investment to revitalize the economy during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. This investment created millions of jobs — including thousands of clean energy jobs in sectors …
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John Ivison: Liberals losing their grace under pressure
The Opposition's case – one that is building by the day – is that he has undermined his, and his finance minister's, fiscal credibility by breaking promises made during the election campaign: the pledge to introduce a revenue-neutral, middle-class tax …
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