Toshiba Tecra M9 Series

Toshiba Tecra M9 Series

Toshiba being the dependable and a laptop manufacturing company with a good reputation has always provided it’s customers with electronics that are useful, portable and user friendly. The titanium silver colored Toshiba Tecra M9-S5514 is one of its laptops that blew away the customers and their competition. The moment I saw it’s configuration I had a good feeling about this notebook while the features are simple marvelous too.

Specifications: The machine is a Core 2 Duo T7500 with a 2.20 GHz processor running in it. This processor supports Windows Vista Business with MS Office 2007 trial version which later can be registered with the help of a product key. Minimum of 1 GB SDRAM and 120 GB of hard drive can be supported with this system while you can always upgrade it later in the future if you need to. Toshiba Tecra M9-S5514 has a 14.1″ bright screen which makes it weight 5.4 lbs and portable for people with a lot of traveling or laptop usage.

Other Features: Toshiba Tecra M9-S5514 has features including Bluetooth v2.0, 2 USB ports v2.0, Wireless Wi-Fi Link 4965 AGN (802.11a/g/n), a standard keyboard, Accupoint and touchpad pointing device. Also this model of Toshiba comes with cable lock slot, finger prints reader and password security for securing your hard drive. The hard drive shock protection button can be turned on and off whenever wanted by pressing a button which is placed on the top left corner next to the power button. The Toshiba Tecra M9 comes with an eraser head which according to the reviews by famous websites like are considered to be easily used. Other than that it has headphone jack, microphone jack and stereo system compatible with the notebook itself. The battery includes 6-cell that can run up to 3.5 hours straight which can also be upgraded to either 9-cells that makes the battery run for 4.70 hours or 12-cells that can run for 5.70 hours straight. This battery is made of Li-Ion for safer use.

Conclusion: So basically with all the specifications and extra features the Toshiba Tecra M9-S5514has it is ideal for travelers for being light weighted due to its 14.1″ screen. The touch pad pointing device can come in handy for a lot of people for more reasons. The ports are many including 3 USB ports which make it easier to hook up with external devices like a scanner, USB or a printer. Overall, the machine is reliable due to the manufacturing company it belongs too as well as the efficiency of the processor is impressive.

I can see why people might think it’s just a regular type of laptop but what I think is that they miss out on the interior of the laptop which includes the RAM and processor speed which is the most important thing while buying a laptop. A processor especially is something you are stuck with till you have that laptop although things like RAM, hard drive and other external features can be further upgraded.

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