Tranquil El Arenal and El Hornillo at Avila

Tranquil El Arenal and El Hornillo at Avila

El Arenal village is only 9 km away from Arenas de San Pedro, while El Hornillo village is 6 km away. Walking to these villages is an enjoyable experience with the river at one side and the mountains on the other.

EL ARENAL is best enjoyed leisurely as you walk through the mountain range routes, which can be accessed from your place of accommodation. You can actually reach Gredos’ peak using the Puerto de la Cabrilla pathway whose condition was recently improved to ease trekker’s efforts. The path moves along the mountain ridge circling El Arenal or Puerto del Pico.

EL HORNILLO on the other hand is a path well traversed with a starting point at Circo de Gredos, which is the main trekking route available in the Gredos. Alternatively, you can try the clearly defined path going south of El Arenal which crosses over to Candeleda along a broad path which is a longer trek but may be an easier route as it is sloping down at most sections.

The Beauty of El Arenal and El Hornillo
These villages are Avila’s municipalities with 52,000 inhabitants living about 100 km away from Madrid, the capital of Spain. Avila is the epitome of medieval times with its impressive wall of eighty-eight watch towers encircling the city. These ancient walls are famed as the world’s oldest medieval defense perimeters that have been well preserved until today.

Avila also boasts of ancient medieval monuments like its 12th century old cathedrals.

There are delicious local specialties which this region is famous for, such as the world-renowned T-bone steak, ‘Chuleton Avileno,’ or its soft and mouth-watering dessert: ‘Yema de Avila,’ which is a local sweet made from sugar and egg yolk. These famous delicacies are readily available in the local eateries.


The best-valued accommodations are here at Arenal, with the most popular hotel being Don Pepe which is very close to the beach and the bay. This stylish hotel is fully equipped with the modern amenities to offer its visitors comfort and pleasure, and it is only 6 km away from Majorca Airport with the city center of Palma only 12 km away.

The village center offers the span of eateries and bars for your dining delight. There are clubs such as the local favorite, Ola Club Maioris, which boasts of two outdoor pools as well as a relaxing sauna and a well equipped gym. It also caters to children’s needs and pleasure by way of a children’s club, an indoor as well as an outdoor playground. It offers charming gardens and spacious sunny terraces for your lazing around as you enjoy the slow and relaxing pace here.

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