Trump Network Review – 5 Factors Required For Success With the Trump Network

Trump Network Review – 5 Factors Required For Success With the Trump Network

The Trump Network is a new company launching in November of 2009, with plans to dominate the MLM industry. This review offers insight on whether The Trump Network business opportunity will be a network marketing flop, or a legitimate opportunity for marketers to earn a solid income in the home-based business industry. Experience has identified five factors that have the biggest influence on whether a company like The Trump Network will succeed or fail.

Factor #1 — Corporate Leadership & Marketing Position — No company can experience and sustain serious growth unless they have a unique marketing position and the right leadership standing behind it. In this area, The Trump Network looks very strong. The Trump Network is the only “branded” network marketing company in the industry, giving it a one-of-a-kind marketing position. In addition, Donald Trump has assembled a team of world-class leaders to launch and lead his new business venture.

Factor #2 — Products — No company can dominate a market niche without offering a unique product of value to the market place. The Trump Network currently offers weight-loss products and a unique flagship product with little competition in the market place. This flagship product is a home testing kit (PrivaTest) that tells a person exactly what vitamins his or her body needs. Based on the results, a custom formula of vitamins and minerals (Custom Essentials) are formulated for that person. Although the health and wellness market niche is viable on its own, it is just the beginning; The Trump Network has plans to expand into 4 additional market niches — personal care, home care, communications and lifestyle. Each of these niches are projected to be billion dollar businesses for the Trump Network, setting up the potential for early distributors to build big businesses.

Factor #3 — Compensation Plan — Network marketing business opportunities are known for having compensation plans that are structured for long-term profits, instead of immediate profits, making it difficult for someone to build a full-time income quickly. In this area, The Trump Network has creatively done what no other MLM has been able to do. They have created a compensation plan that not only allows for long-term profits, but also offers impressive immediate profits extending up to 7-levels deep. This structure gives serious marketers an opportunity to create a full-time income in a short period of time, eliminating one of the biggest hurdles in the network marketing industry.

Factor #4 — Field Leaders — A network marketing company will not thrive unless it has leaders in the field with a commanding influence over their networks. Ultimately, the success of any network marketing company rests in the hands of their distributors, regardless of how great their products are. Again, The Trump Network is excelling here. They have gained the attention of some of the industry’s top leaders and recruited them into the organization, which is a necessity for a start-up company and a great benefit for marketers who join their team.

Factor #5 — Lead Generation Systems & Training — Any business, The Trump Network included, is of no value to a marketer unless the marketer understands how to market, how to generate leads and how to build a successful organization. Ninety-five percent of marketers fail, regardless of their products or companies, because they simply do not know how to market, generate leads or build their business first. If a marketer really seeks the knowledge to generate leads and market their business like a professional, then they will have a major advantage over most distributors in the industry. This learning curve can require a significant amount of time and money, however, both of these can be greatly reduced if the marketer joins a team that will provide the training and systems necessary for them to grow a profitable network marketing organization.

Will The Trump Network dominate the MLM industry or will it flop? Only time will tell, but history shows that Donald Trump doesn’t do anything small. With Donald Trump promoting his network marketing company in the media this fall, it is projected that over 1 million people will join The Trump Network in it’s first year alone. In addition, all leads generated through the company website and the media blitz will be freely distributed to marketers in the field. It truly seems that all the pieces are in place for this business opportunity to see massive growth in a short period of time.

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