Trump's Starring Role as a No-Show

Trump's Starring Role as a No-Show
You may very well be aware that Donald Trump spent Monday and Tuesday grumbling and tweeting about the bias he thinks GOP debate moderator Megyn Kelly harbors against him, and that he just might not participate in the Thursday's Fox News debate because …
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A Retrospective on the Obama Years
It has been seven years since the election of our first black president. Seven years since a supposed post-partisan (even post-racial) era was to begin. But expectations were too high, especially among those who were certain the country's major …
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Supreme Court: Will It Defend Constitution or Restore Tyranny?
All we hear or read about is Republican versus Democrat forgetting that both are Americans; word parsing–distortion of meaning for tactical gain; acrimonious debates and ad hominem attacks; disinformation; and the endless legal maneuvering – they all …

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