UK offers tax breaks to boost sharing economy

UK offers tax breaks to boost sharing economy
The UK government has announced a little extra tax relief aimed at encouraging what the chancellor termed 'micro-entrepreneurs' in yesterday's budget — albeit the other beneficiaries here are likely to be gigantic tech platforms like Airbnb if Brits …
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UK sugar tax gets sour response
There has been an angry reaction from manufacturers to a new tax on high-sugar drinks in Britain. The levy will be imposed on companies based on how much sugar they put into their beverages. It is anticipated the tax will raise about 500 million pounds …
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UK's cooling economy will lead to £2bn increase in gilt sales
The UK's cooling economy and slower than expected deficit reduction will lead to a £2bn increase in gilt sales in the coming fiscal year as the government tries to balance the books by raising more debt. However, the rise from £127.4bn to £129.4bn is …
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